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The Adagio KD-10 digital drum is the perfect kit for the beginning drummer, at a very affordable cost. Volume can be adjusted or it can be played  through headphones. It comes with 25 professionally sampled assorted drum kits consisting of 177 individual drum sounds for unlimited sonic possibilities. The KD-10 features sensitive but durable rubber coated pads to capture every nuance of your drum strokes and offer a fast response.It also has a fully programmable  reverb and chorus, and a throne and sticks so it is ready to play out of the box.

-1 snare with rim function
-3 Tom Pads, 2 cymbal pads, 1 Hi-Hat control, I  Bass Drum Trigger
-64 Note Polyphony
-25 Preset drum kits from a wide variety of styles,  consisting of 177 individual drum sounds and 5 user created custom drum  kits
-8 Reverb effects, 8 Chorus effects. All effects programmable for  type, level and rate
-2 Demo Songs, 30 accompaniment styles
-Sensitivity, Threshold and Velocity curve controls for Pads
-Each pad can be adjusted and angled to suit the needs of the player
-One track of real time recording  and playback with 8 KB of memory
-Adjustments for Tap Level, click  level, click sound, Click Tempo Metronome
-Includes DC9V adaptor, Headphone out, USB midi out to allow triggering of external sources such as computer drum sounds
-Master out, Aux in, HH-Control, hi-Hat, Crash, ride, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Kick
-Headphone Volume slider
-Drum Throne  and sticks included
-Lightweight Aluminum Stand Frame comes pre-assembled, only needs to be unfolded.

RETAIL PRICE : $795.00